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last updated: Thursday, 8 December 2016
• due to high number of copyrighted content being uploaded, from today: 8 December 2016, we will be storing your personal details for security reasons & the details may as well be handed over to the authorities should it be required that we do so.
• we will soon require every user to signup using their e-mail address that will need to be verified before they can upload any file.
• uploading illegal files, copyrighted content, files that are illegal in your country, unlawful gambling items or child pornography or uploading any commercial file without owner's permission is NOT ALLOWED and such files will be permanently deleted without warning to anyone when requested to.
• you as the user are responsible for any file(s) that you upload on this site.
• this service is free to use and will be free for as long as it still stands, but comes with no warranty - it is advised to keep original copy of the file that you intend to upload.
• should we receive any copyright violation complaint, we will remove the related item as soon as possible!.
• active files are stored forever, inactive files (files that do not get downloaded at least once every 90 days) will be permanently removed by our automated system.
• we reserve a right to remove any file that we think is not supposed to be here.
• we update these terms from time to time, it is advised to read them more often just before you upload a new file.